Discreet job search at swirch.com

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about using Swirch.com. Get tips and find out more about searches and posting information here.

How can I be sure my personal information stays discreet?

Unlike other services claiming to be "confidential" - Swirch.com does not Link to; Ask for; Require; or have any personal information. You are only required to provide a private email address for membership verification. You have 100% control over the release of your contact information.

Is PayPal our only payment option?

Swirch.com is all about confidentiality and so is PayPal. For those unfamiliar with PayPal - Payment is made through a completely safe and separate environment. You can use many options to fund your payment through PayPal (I.E. – Bank account, credit card, debit card, gift card, etc) using a one-time payment option or through an existing PayPal account we believe it's the most secure method of online payment. Your PayPal identification is your email address. For those still unsure and prefer to go Old-School, we will allow payment with a mailed in check, or money order. Please include your Swirch.com Username so we know where to apply payment.

What if I prefer not to have a Profile? How do I remove my Profile?

It is not required for members to have or post a User Profile. Members will have access to Swirch.com’s membership features regardless of profile status. Businesses often prefer to search and remain anonymous until deciding to make contact. Members without or have chosen to hide their profile will not appear in any searches.

Removing or Hiding a profile is easy. Sign In, go to the Member Home page. In the Status area choose the option to Hide Listing or Activate Listing. Hide - will remove your listing from any and all searches. When ready to repost your profile, simply change to Activate Listing and you will again appear in searches.

Am I allowed to list my contact information?

Listing ANY direct contact information is strictly prohibited (NOT ALLOWED) at Swirch.com. There are PLENTY of other sites that allow, encourage, or insist you to post everything for the world to see.

Can other members see my e-mail address?

No. Only your username and icon will be seen by other members.

Do I need a membership to contact a member?

Yes - For security reasons. Only members can contact other members using Swirch.com’s message system. This way, our members can control who contacts them and we can control the spam.

How do I find and contact other members?

1)Use our search functions to narrow your search.

2) Select member to view profile.

3) Select “Send Message” from blue profile navigation bar.

4) Enter message and send.

How will I know when I receive a message?

You will receive an e-mail alert that you have a message. Sign in to your account to view and respond to your messages.

Why must I have an Icon (Picture)?

As you know, Personal contact information is not permitted on Swirch.com. With that in mind, we believe it’s important for our members to show a little piece of themselves. Your college, favorite place, home town, hobby, pet, dream car, etc. Note* Keep it clean. Anything other than G-rated will cost you your membership and privileges.

Most people have pictures of their favorite things. If not, Google or search “Pictures of” and your favorite thing. Choose one, Right click, Copy to, and remember where you store it. Then browse and download when prompted. Relax – you can always change it later. Simple!

How can I be sure the person I'm contacting or contacting me is legitimate?

As with contact from or to ANYONE over the internet (I.E. - internet dating, social media, etc.) be smart and use extreme caution. Legitimate contacts will provide information you can and should check before releasing ANY information. Slow it down, take your time, and ask questions that can be verified. Interviews scheduled during the day and in public areas are always best. If, for some reason, you discover you’ve been contacted by someone representing themselves dishonestly, LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY.