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Swirch.com is not just about a Job.

We're about finding the right job - with the right people. People with real interests and lives in and outside of the workplace. You might be surprised how important it is for many people to find a work place or candidate that’s a good cultural fit. That often means common interests or extracurricular activities. It can feel like we're always working or at least thinking about it in some way. Its way more fun if the people around you at work are nice, or even friends. This is your opportunity to be creative while being searched or searching for that positive environment and people you enjoy working with.


Welcome to Swirch.com’s - 100% Discreet, and Confidential, job search network.

Our mission is to unite people with employment opportunities while providing them with the most confidential, exciting, and unique, web experience around. We do this with interactive features, including messaging, blogs, forums, events, and more. Our site is also a source of helpful information for our community of loyal members and casual visitors.


There are hundreds of websites dedicated to traditional job and resume posting.

Swirch.com was designed to be different. Posting Anonymous, Discreet, and Confidential Profiles is not only encouraged, it’s required. We don’t allow direct contact information to be posted anywhere on Swirch.com. Yes, we review resumes before allowing them to be posted or revised. Yes, you will lose your membership and privileges for breaking the rules. Yes, we take it very seriously.


As with all online and interactive websites, it is your responsibility to thoroughly check and verify all information you receive from others.

Not asking for or verifying information is putting yourself in harms way. For the safety of our members - We ask you to notify us immediately of potentially dishonest people and profiles. Do not respond to, and notify us of any job offer that requests or requires a payment upfront, and or future payments of any type for the promise of employment. No legitimate companies will ever require such a thing. We also do not allow the promotion of multi-level marketing, sometimes referred to as pyramid schemes. Notify us immediately if you receive these or other types of similar illegitimate offers. We take the safety of our members very seriously however the responsibility of your safety is entirely on you.


At Swirch.com we will NEVER ask for anything more than an email address. You have complete control over your identity. Choosing when and how much information to release is completely up to you. Swirch.com gives you the option to block any member, at any time, for any reason. Only a username and icon is visible while using our inter-website communication, so choose your username and user-icon (picture) wisely.


Although nothing is foolproof, we’ve done our best to take precautions against using our website for spam. This includes placing limits on content and the number of communications per day. Again, we ask that our members let us know when something appears to be less than honest.


We have two membership types. Free - This membership allows you to post a profile, receive messages with unlimited search results and limited access to other features, Public listing - $1.99 per month $9.99 for 6-months, or $15.99 per year and gives you full access to all features and benefits. A complete list of benefits for each membership type is available by clicking on the Subscribe tab once you've signed in.


As with everything in life, Swirch.com has rules. We STRONGLY suggest you read and understand our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


We hope you enjoy the Swirch.com experience.


Sincerely: Swirch.com